• The Bali Health team has actively participated in promoting this program and has contributed significantly in improving the overall fitness and health of people living on site
    The program is an active program that requires a lot of input and perseverance from the Bali health team and they are doing an excellent job in keeping this program running.

    Dr L. Van Neer International SOS

  • The company was clearly able to see the health and cost benefits that result long and short term from such a program. The program was cost-effective, stream-lined and goal-directed. I believe any company would benefit from their experience in the field of physical health and wellness.

    Dr. Erik Fleischman MD International SOS

  • The programs introduced by Bali Health are very helpful to the physiotherapy department.
    Provision of strength training, flexibility, endurance and balance advice and programs are very helpful in the healing process of patients
    The healing process of patients is faster and the patient’s illness are less likely to reoccur.

    Nanda Titra A - Physiotherapist

  • The difference that Balanced Life team has made to the community in such a short time is wow – well done. I think part of the success is the right people on the bus. People from Bali Health – all working together to improve quality of life here.
    The community is more aware of healthy lifestyle practices and more importantly have embraced the need to change some of their habits in regard to diet and exercise. (The other thing I have observed is that the programs have brought different sections of the community together, a natural bonding exercise.)

    Jan Bennet - School Principal

  • We know a fit and healthy workforce is one that can be more productive and also reduce accidents through better concentration and fitness levels.
    I have also ways found the Bali Health team to be very professional and effective in their work and always approachable and ready to help when asked. I think their own personal commitment to health and fitness and leading by example demonstrates their professional attitude and work ethic.
    From a community standpoint your team has always provided regular opportunities for community engagement and participation that adds to the spirit of the Townsite and community.

    Paul Giles - Safety Manager

  • After being frequently ill and on medication I followed the advice given by Bali Health as part of the wellness program. Now I feel fit and am very rarely sick, now I do not need any medical treatment, because I changed my diet and follow the exercise routines given to me.

    Ambang Bahrun - Heavy Goods Driver

  • The physical fitness program for all fire fighters is running well. Fire fighters have much more self-confidence in their physical fitness when responding to emergency situations.
    Thank you to Bali Health team who offer us great support.

    Syalwanddin - Head of Fire & Emergency Services

  • Dear Bali Health,
    Still don’t believe that I can lose so much weight.
    Your efforts in helping me in this challenge is outstanding and it’s a big present to me personally. We just feel like life in a new body.
    Started at 119 kg and finished at 99 kg
    Losing total weight loss = 20 kg

    Dewa - Contracts Department